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We are here with the objective of helping the disabled cross over their restricted boundaries. Our aim is to 'Restore Life' by providing our customers with solutions that promise the highest quality at an optimized cost.

We endeavour to improve the quality of life for people who need geriatric care, people with sports injuries or with special needs and take pride that our work contributes to the overall benefit of society.

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This shop has a variety of wheelchairs for different needs and different purposes.

My son is a polio patient and started going to college a year ago so we were looking for an electric wheelchair which should be light and can go easily in alto car boot and Freedom wheelchair Shop fulfilled our desire.

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What is a wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a mobility device that is designed to enable individuals who have physical injuries or disabilities to move freely indoors and outdoors. It is most commonly used by the elderly and those with walking impairments to improve mobility.

The chair can be propelled either by physically turning the rear wheel rims with your hands or with the help of someone pushing it from behind. An electric wheelchair on the other hand is propelled by batteries and is comparatively more expensive than manual wheelchairs.

Buy Wheelchair Online For Senior Citizens & Elderly At Best Price

Wheelchairs can be used by adults, senior citizens and even children with disabilities or injuries. It can be used by anyone experiencing limitations with their mobility and are suffering from arthritis, motor neuron diseases, paralysis or recuperating post a surgery.

Having the right mobility equipment like a wheelchair is crucial for independent living. Buy different types of wheelchairs online from Seniority to liberate yourself and enjoy greater independence.

Types of Wheelchairs

There are a wide variety of mobility wheelchairs available that come in different models and sizes to address specific needs.

While every wheelchair may have different specifications, a manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair are two of the most commonly used mobility devices.

Electric Wheelchair

Also known as a motorized wheelchair or power wheelchair, it is propelled by an electric motor or powered with the help of a battery rather than manually pushing it. As compared to a manual wheelchair, these types of chairs are simple and safe to control.

A portable electric wheelchair requires no strength from the user and is available for both adults and children. They can be controlled with the help of a joystick or push buttons and are ideal for individuals that do not have the dexterity or leg strength to propel a manual wheelchair.

With the help of advanced technology, a stair-climbing wheelchair can descend or ascend stairs with ease.

An all-terrain wheelchair can be used outdoors and has the ability to move on rough terrain surfaces such as pavements, dirt, or sand.

Different Types of manual wheelchairs include

Manual wheelchairs can be divided into a number of categories based on their intended use, design, style, material, and weight.

Usually lightweight and foldable, it is not assisted by the use of a battery and is a self-propelled wheelchair, that is best suited for individuals who have significant upper body strength.

Manual Wheelchairs by type

Standard Wheelchair – These are the most basic type of wheelchairs that are intended for short term use. Its basic feature consists of four wheels – two large wheels and two small wheels in the front with a construction of steel folding frames. A basic folding wheelchair, a standard wheelchair is lightweight and can be folded for easier transportation and storage.

Transport Wheelchair – These are lightweight wheelchairs that have four small wheels, instead of large wheels which cannot be self-propelled. A family member or caregiver pushes the chair instead. Also considered as a hospital wheelchair, it is commonly used in medical facilities to move patients to an x-ray department or for treatments, surgeries in OPDs and tests.

Portable wheelchair – Also considered as a travel wheelchair, these chairs are convenient for those on-the-go, as they are portable and easy to store. Designed to ensure it is convientent to carry, a lightweight portable wheelchair can be folded easily.

Foldable wheelchair – A collapsible wheelchair, it has a lightweight frame that can be folded into a compact shape and stored easily at home or into the trunk of a vehicle. The frame of the chair is foldable, including the seat. Some models even feature collapsible footrests and backrests.

Sport Wheelchairs – A wheelchair for a handicapped person, it is customized and built for athletes with a physical disability. Athletes with impairments make use of a specialized chair where positioning of the seat is different and the large rear wheels are angled in toward the seat, designed especially for sport activities or games like rugby, tennis and basketball.

Pediatric Wheelchair – Because children have different needs than adults, these wheelchairs have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of a child with a disability. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes for small and growing children, that address different ailments. Certain models are constructed to expand in size to accommodate the body weight and height of the child as they grow older. Available in both manual and electric models, these may help increase your child’s mobility, stability and independence.

Reclining wheelchair – A heavy duty wheelchair, it is designed to allow the user to recline the backrest at a gradual angle. Recliner wheelchairs may have a taller backrest that when reclined the user can sit in a more comfortable position. They are ideal for individuals suffering from medical conditions like severe hip extension and orthostatic hypotension or for people who find it difficult to sit in a fully upright position.

Hemi Height Wheelchair – These wheelchairs come with a Hemi-height dual axle that can be adjusted to accommodate your desired height. To ensure maximum comfort and ease of mobility, it features a seat where the seat-to-floor height can be adjusted if the user is going to propel the wheelchair with their feet.

Commode or shower wheelchair – Also known as bathroom wheelchairs, a shower wheelchair has been designed to provide support to individuals with limited mobility or disabilities take a shower independently and safely. Whereas, a commode wheelchair features a hole in the seat that can be used as a toilet seat and also as a standalone commode.

Wheelchair Weight – Manual

Bariatric Wheelchair – Often referred to as a heavy duty wheelchair or extra wide wheelchair, it has been designed for obese individuals or patients. It’s features include – increased weight capacities; heavy duty supports and wider widths to fit the person’s needs.

Heavy duty wheelchair – It comes with extra wide seats and a sturdy frame designed to carry weight of up to 700 pounds.

Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair – The most commonly used wheelchairs, these chairs have been designed for users that require it on a daily basis. A lightweight manual wheelchair with sturdy frames, these can be folded and stored or transported easily.

Wheelchair Price – Wide Range of Wheelchairs at Best Price Online

Forza Freedom wheelchair world is an online wheelchair store and has different types of wheelchairs both manual and electric wheelchair to suit every need. These include self-propelled, folding, tilt or reclining, height adjustable, lightweight, shower wheelchair and commode wheelchair.

You will find a wheelchair for your every need at Forza Freedom Wheelchair World