[trx_sc_promo title_style=”default” title_tag=”h4″ image_cover=”” image_position=”left” size=”normal” full_height=”” text_paddings=”1″ title=”{{Restore Life }}” description=”We are here with the objective of helping the disabled cross over their restricted boundaries. Our aim is to ‘Restore Life’ by providing our customers with solutions that promise the highest quality at an optimized cost.
Forza Medi (India) Private Limited has been manufacturing and exporting high quality wheel chairs and medical components with international standards since the year 2000. We are now setting up multi-brand showrooms pan India to bring to you reputed global brands along with our own range of products under the ‘FREEDOM’ brand.”]

We endeavour to improve the quality of life for people who need geriatric care, people with sports injuries or with special needs and take pride that our work contributes to the overall benefit of society.


To bring an international quality lightweight foldable wheelchair and orthopaedic products to India ensuring mobility to all without limits.


A Vision Statement describes the desired future position of the company

  • To establish Freedom Store brand image in Indian wheelchair market.
  • To become a brand of choice for foldable wheelchair and orthopaedic products catering to medical needs, rehabilitation needs, sports injuries, etc.
  • To become an international quality lightweight foldable wheelchair and orthopaedic product store in India reaching everyone through the online and offline store.
  • Integrity: We shall be honest and sincere in all our designs
  • Commitment: We shall fulfil our promises. We shall not give in to any adversity.
  • Quality: We shall strive to achieve the highest quality standards that are the hallmark of excellence.
  • Teamwork: We shall build a work culture that inspires team spirit, openness and creativity. So that it may result in the synergistic achievement of optimum productivity.
  • Respect: We shall respect all persons that we interact with.
  • Customer Focus: All our efforts and resources shall be channelized towards meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Performance Focus: We shall have the consistent achievement of set business and realize opportunities for accelerating growth.
  • Establish Freedom Stores strategically through a hub and spoke model to cater to all the cities of India
  • Lead through improved customer satisfaction.
  • To be the preferred medical product store in India.
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