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A commode wheelchair is a specially designed mobility device used by someone who needs help going to the toilet due to certain mobility issues caused by an illness, injury, disability or weakness. A Commode chair is a portable toilet, supported by four legs, armrests and handgrips to help senior adults or people with mobility to have an easy access to the toilet. A commode wheelchair features a hole in the seat that can be used as a toilet seat and as a standalone commode.

A commode wheelchair allows easy transportation to the bathroom and shower and helps the user to manoeuvre with ease and independence, it is suitable for a person who is weak and unsteady and needs the support of a caregiver. Made with a durable and lightweight frame, commode wheelchairs come with a toilet seat that enables access to the toilet without any help from the caregivers.

Commode Wheelchair for Senior Citizens, Disabled & Patients

A commode wheelchair is often referred as an autonomy chair as it facilitates the care given to people with mobility issues and senior adults at home. To make the environment safe and comfortable for senior adults, it is important to equip the house with assistive devices, like a commode wheelchair that help senior adults to move around freely and maintain their independence, dignity, and mobility while giving them the freedom to maintain their personal hygiene.

A self-propelled commode wheelchair assists senior adults with limited mobility to access the shower or commode in a secured and convenient manner.

What are a few things to keep in mind before buying a commode wheelchair?

In order to provide independence and comfort to senior adults, there are a few things to keep in mind before buying a commode wheelchair such as:

Safety – A commode wheelchair must not lead to the development of pressure ulcers caused by sitting for long durations. It should not cause injuries to the patient while transferring or bending forward. The user should be able to lock the wheels to prevent the chair from moving.
Seat design – The seat should be waterproof, provide full support and be cushioned to avoid skin pressure. The design should allow hand access from under the seat from 3 directions.
Armrests – The commode wheelchair must have armrests that swing out of the way for easy transfers. The armrests should support the body weight of the user while getting up, sitting down or re-positioning themselves.
Friendly for the caregivers – A commode wheelchair must provide unrestricted hand access to the caregivers for easy cleaning of the container placed below the chair.
Propulsion pushrim/handrim – The pushrims and handrims of the commode wheelchair must be sized to provide optimum hand positioning and the grip should be coated with a non-slippery material to be able to access it in wet environments.
Static Stability – The wheelchair must be designed for a minimum tip angle of 20° in forward, rearward, and sideways tipping.
Buy Commode Wheelchair Online at Seniority

Designed for functionality and comfort, a commode wheelchair gives people more control over their lives and preserves dignity by providing more independence and minimizing accidents. At Seniority, we aim at providing independence to senior adults by countering the effects of ageing and loss of mobility. Buy commode wheelchair at best price online in India and render your loved ones the care and freedom they require to live a comfortable life.

Types of Commode Wheelchair

There are different commode wheelchair online designed for the comfort and convenience of the user

Foldable Wheelchair with Commode – A collapsible folding commode wheelchair has a lightweight frame that can be folded into a compact shape and stored easily at home or into the trunk of a vehicle. The frame of the chair is foldable, including the seat. Some models even feature collapsible footrests and backrests.
Steel Commode Wheelchair – Wheelchairs are primarily made using steel due to their durability and folding frame mechanisms. Steel commode wheelchairs are corrosion resistant, durable and mobile.
Reclining Commode Wheelchair – A reclining commode wheelchair is designed to allow the user to recline the backrest at a gradual angle. Recliner commode wheelchairs may have a taller backrest which when reclined allows the user to sit in a more comfortable position. They are ideal for individuals suffering from medical conditions like severe hip extension and orthostatic hypotension or for people who find it difficult to sit in a fully upright position.
Choose Commode Wheelchairs from various Brands

Karma Commode Wheelchair –Karma believes in taking action to help people with disabilities, they provide quality products to fit everyone’s need and to help them lead a fulfilling life, regardless of the disability. Karma Commode Wheelchairs are specially designed to provide safety and independence to senior adults.

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