Refund Policy


As a rule, no returns of products shall be allowed. A product may be returned only in exceptional circumstances. Any returns made by the Buyer shall be accepted only after they have been agreed upon between the Buyer and the sales representative of Freedom stores .

Any returns made by Buyers which have not been agreed upon or which are not capable of being re-sold shall be sent back to the customer at the customer’s own cost. Only products which meet the following requirements may be returned:

  • Product is not damaged
  • Product is currently sold by Freedom.
  • Product is clean.
  • Product is complete.
  • Product is in an original and undamaged packing.
  • Product was purchased from not later than 10 working days.

The return form is available at under the tab Your zone. If a returned product fails to meet the above requirements, Freedom Stores reserves its right to refuse to accept its return, even if its return has been agreed upon earlier. Any returns made by buyers to Seller are at the customer’s own cost.

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